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How to Lead a Wildly Successful Brainstorm Session that Doesn’t Waste Time, Effort or Potential



In this 3-part video series you’ll learn the 5 keys to transforming your next brainstorm session from a meeting full of breakdowns to an experience full of breakthroughs.

If the idea of running a brainstorm session sends waves of dread through your veins, you’re not alone. We’ve all sat through unproductive brainstorm sessions that leave you feeling like you just massively wasted your time, energy and ideas. Lack of participation, incremental thinking and analysis paralysis can kill any brainstorm. But with the right approach, you can transform a dull and ineffective session into an energizing, effective, and productive means of ideation, problem solving, and action.

Download: 5 Keys and Brainstorm Agenda Building Blocks Worksheet

Video One: 
Ground ourselves in the value of brainstorming and the purpose of your brainstorm. Video Length: 2:55

Video Two: 
Gain a deep understanding of the 5 keys to a creating and leading a wildly successful brainstorm.  Video Length: 17:18

Video Three: 
Walk through how to build your brainstorm agenda. 
Video Length: 9:36

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