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What You'll Discover:

√ Take the Proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge Assessment® and discover your unique Everyday Innovator® style

Your custom Everyday Innovator Style® 13-page report with your unique combination of two power triggers and one dormant trigger, and how you perform at your peak and add value to the world in your unique way

√ Personalized Everyday Innovator Infographic with in depth information about you - how you shine, how your brain works, what motivates you, how you resist change, the shadow side of your power triggers and what you might be missing due to your dormant trigger.

Will you be The Integrator, The Disruptor, The Accelerator, The Catalyst....


13 Essential Habits of Strong Everyday Innovators That Thrive, helping you unlock your best brain and align your actions with your strengths.

√  First access and discounts to POP UP Webinars, Deep Dives and bonus content

√ Bonus video all about YOU and how your power triggers become your personal brand, helping you be more authentic and distinct, rising above the noise in a crowded and chaotic world.