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Built on our proprietary algorithm, the Innovation Quotient Edge assessment is the unique combination of neuroscience, behavioral psychology and 25 years of work and research, combined to help you go further, faster.

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Which two innovation strengths combine to create your unique Everyday Innovator style?



Jake's unique Everyday Innovator style helps him:

  • Be a sought-after leader and innovator
  • Be a stronger problem-solver that helped his team avoid mistakes and go after profitable opportunities
  • Be recognized for his massive contributions and ability to adapt and pivot with change

Kelly's unique innovation strengths allow her to:

  • Gain the confidence she needed to elevate her game and reach her goals
  • Deliver break-through innovation where others stall out
  • Be recognized, promoted and known for her innovative approach

Mia's powerful innovator style helps her achieve: 

  • Double revenue, even during the COVID 2020 times
  • Be the go-to resource when her clients need innovative ideas that move the business forward
  • Reach optimal performance, get into a state of flow, and innovate on demand
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Other tests tell you what you already know, your personality. This test is the only test that tells you how to innovate, elevate & add massive value

In order to navigate the "next normal" you need to innovate. Great, the IQE shows you exactly how to pivot, adapt and turn obstacles into opportunities

Ongoing insights designed specifically for your Everyday Innovator style means you'll never be irrelevant, left behind, or undervalued

Michelle, Healthcare

"The IQE gave me the boost I needed to step up. I now realize how valuable my uniqueness truly is...I'm so energized!"

Karl, Engineering

"My Everyday Innovator style is the secret sauce to my success. I'm an Inquisitive Fluid!"

LeBron, Sales

"Understanding how I innovate has helped me blow past my sales goals and be a valued partner to my clients."

I'm Ready To Be An Innovation Success Story

Before you go, let me get real with you...

I believe (and science proves) that everyone is an Innovator, in their own unique way. I believe that most of us carry around incredible untapped potential waiting just underneath the surface. I believe being an innovator isn't for the select few, that it shouldn't be hard or exhausting.

In fact, I know it can be easy, even effortless. I know that unlocking your innovative mind is the not-so-secret sauce that helps you achieve full potential, perform at your peak, and elevate your game.

I believe that YOU are the Everyday Innovator that deserves to be recognized for your INNOVATION, INFLUENCE AND IMPACT. 

i'm Ready To Be An Everyday Innovator!