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Everyday Innovators Digital Magazine

Top Innovation Resource to Overcome a Time-Starved, Overworked World




February edition is high-impact innovation in an easy-to-digest, actionable format!

Here's a teaser of what's included:

  • The Six Big Shifts
    Impacting 2022 and How they Impact YOU
  • 3 Ways to Innovate When
    You are Time-Starved
  • Understanding the
    Type of Innovation You
    Bring to the Table Means
    Understanding Your
    Uniqueness and Value
  • 3 Ways to Ignite
    Innovation in Your Virtual
  • Play on the Fringes
    Innovation Activity DOWNLOAD
  • Podcast: Dre Baldwin and Overcoming the 3rd Day
  • Everyday Innovator
    Spotlight: Sergio Nazzaro
  • Find Your Why
    Innovation Activity DOWNLOAD
  • ...and more


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Innovation inspiration & tools at your fingertips, without the heavy lifting or wasted webinar hours.

Now my team has the inspiration, tools, and common language to be true innovators. I often hear them discussing an article in the hallway or see them using one of the activity downloads in a meeting. Truly game-changing for us!" - Fredric M. Vice President, Logistics & Technology

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Your Everyday Innovator Digital Magazine Includes:


Top tools, activities and brain games to unlock your dormant Everyday Innovator skills and turn them into your greatest superpower, giving you the competitive edge. 



Freshest thinking, real-world stories, and insights to help you tackle your biggest challenges and unearth new opportunities, aka be an Everyday Innovator daily and with ease



Inspiring stories and  Everyday Innovator spotlights, giving you sparks of motivation and innovation from everyday people out there making it happen



A curated list of the most up-to-date happenings in innovation, keeping you razor sharp and ahead of the curve. We'll do the research so you don't have to.



 First access and deep discounts to Tamara's Pop-Up webinars where she deep dives into the most relevant topics and answers your questions


New edition delivered to your inbox monthly; and 24/7 access to searchable archives.



Avoid initiative-fatigue
Stop wasting hours
in webinars
Avoid launch and abandon
Take the "heavy lifting" out of innovation

Instead, make innovation a priority and then give your people the top tools to easily make it happen daily. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet The Creator & Everyday Innovator, Tamara Ghandour

The impact of Tamara’s break-through work in human-centered innovation can be seen in individuals, teams, and organizations across the globe. Companies like Disney, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Arrow Electronics, US Army, Schneider Electric and Red Robin Burgers call Tamara when they want to foster innovative ideas and people.  For thousands of individuals and teams, Tamara's human-centered innovation has become the secret sauce for igniting peak performance and moving themselves and their businesses forward.

✔️  Pioneer of the human-centered innovation field, combining neuroscience, behavioral psychology and 25 plus years experience to build an fresh approach to innovation that works

✔️ Creator of the proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment: sought after globally, it's the only tool to help people discover their unique style and strength of innovation

✔️  Author of two best selling books: Innovation Is Everybody's Business & Think Sideways

✔️  Host of top-rated podcast on innovation and human potential, Inside LaunchStreet

✔️  Advisor to leading Fortune 500 organizations on fostering innovative ideas, building innovators and solving their biggest challenges

✔️  Award winning keynote speaker to the world's largest associations, conferences and client meetings

✔️  As a kid in computer camp, Tamara won the “I’ll try anything once” award – a motto she still lives by. 

"As a team lead, I found myself constantly frustrated by the lack of innovative ideas from my team. Then I realized something, I was expecting my team to innovate without giving them to tools to do so. Everyday Innovators magazine changed all that. Such an easy and accessible way to get everyone to elevate their game. Now we innovate as a team and my frustration is gone. - Sarah, Vice President Healthcare Administrator



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Before you go, let me get real with you...

I believe (and science proves) that everyone is an Innovator, in their own unique way. I believe that most of us carry around incredible untapped potential waiting just underneath the surface. I believe being an innovator isn't for the select few, that it shouldn't be hard or exhausting.

In fact, I know it can be easy, even effortless. I know that unlocking your innovative mind is the not-so-secret sauce that helps you achieve full potential, perform at your peak, and elevate your game.

I believe that YOU are the Everyday Innovator that deserves to be recognized for your INNOVATION, INFLUENCE AND IMPACT.