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Our most popular package. Springboard to new levels by first unlocking your unique Everyday Innovator style. Then begin your journey with your 3-week course and monthly digital magazine. 

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3-Week Online Course

Launch your Everyday Innovator talents with all fires burning. In this 3-week course You'll learn the essentials of igniting innovation, influencing others and making a massive impact. And for those serious about elevating your game, you'll love the online, ongoing tools and support.

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Everyday Innovator Personality Assessment

The springboard to unleashing your unique Everyday Innovator superpowers. With 33 questions, our research-based proprietary assessment will help you discover your natural innovation strengths and unlock your hidden talents. 

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Tamara Ghandour - Everyday Innovators founder

What makes Everyday Innovators Method so Powerful

It's simple. It works because it begins with YOU.

Unlike other people and programs that want you to believe that being an innovator is reserved for the select few or requires magical super powers, Everyday Innovators empowers you to be the best you can be, every day. 

Investing just a few minutes a day in strengthening and sharpening your Everyday Innovator talents will give you returns beyond expectations. You will amaze yourself with your ability to innovate, influence and make an impact. 

Everyday Innovator Method meets you where you are, gives you confidence and tools you need to thrive. 


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How the Everyday Innovators Method Works

Unlock Your Natural Innovation Talents

Discover the Everyday Innovator style that's unique to you and valuable to the world. Sign up for the Trifecta - IQE assessment, digital magazine and 3-week course.

Train and Sharpen Your Everyday Innovator Skills

When you graduate the 3-week course, we'll give you one-year access to the ongoing tools, community and support in the online Academy (only for those that complete course first). Upon completion you'll have the lifelong skills you need to innovate, influence and make an impact - every day! 

Transform Your Work and Life

Innovate with ease and confidence. Find lasting solutions to your biggest challenges. Unearth opportunities right in front of you. Be recognized for being a strong innovator and leader. Experience a whole new level of success, joy and satisfaction. 

Unleash One Million Everyday Innovators into the World

Yup, that's our vision. Our why. Our motivation.

For a moment, imagine what’s possible if one million of us decided to step away from the trap of mediocrity and step up into our fullest potential, bringing our most unique and valued self to the world

Imagine the problems we’d solve in our homes, at work, our community, even the world?

Imagine the opportunities we’d unearth, the ones hiding in pain site and the ones that have never been thought of before?

And imagine the joy and satisfaction we’d feel as we bring our best self to the world and be the spark that brings out the best in those around us?


We believe that YOU are the Everyday Innovator that deserves to be recognized for your INNOVATION, INFLUENCE AND IMPACT. 

We believe (and science proves) that everyone is an Innovator, in their own unique way. We believe that most of us carry around incredible untapped potential waiting just underneath the surface. We believe being an innovator isn’t for the select few, that it shouldn’t be hard or exhausting.

In fact, we know it can be easy, even effortless. We know that unlocking your innovative mind is the not-so-secret sauce that helps you achieve full potential, perform at your peak, and elevate your game.


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