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5-Day Innovation Challenge

5-Minutes a Day...
5 Days...
Generate a Wealth of Innovative Ideas to Help You Break Through and Break Free



Join the 5-Day Innovation Igniter Challenge If You Are Ready To:

✔️ Spend only 5-minutes a day to get to the break-through ideas that will get you 10x results

✔️ Train your brain to innovate on demand, and when you need it most 

✔️ Be guided through a series of disruptive questions that will create a wealth of break-through ideas that will solve your stickies challenges

✔️ Get you unstuck, beyond brain freeze and accessing those ideas hiding deep inside you

✔️ Turn your ideas into a real action, so you don't stall out

✔️ Do the Stoplight Method and move the right ideas forward and the wrong ideas aside

✔️ Generate the momentum you need to break through and break free


2 Powerful Early Bird Bonuses:

** How to Get Buy-In for Your Ideas 3 Part Method (Video)

**8 Strategies Innovative Leaders are Using to Make an Impact (PDF).


Sign up by SUNDAY, April 3rd at 11pm MNT to receive bonuses.

Bring the challenge you want to work on.

Bring the challenge you want to solve. Maybe it's that sticky problem that won't go away, or that nagging frustration you want to solve, or the big obstacle facing your team or organization.

We'll kick off Monday to clarify, celebrate and ignite ideas out of the gate. Then you'll receive a 10-minute video Tuesday - Thursday to spark new thinking and ideas. Get your journal ready because the ideas will be flowing.

We'll kick off Monday to kickoff and ignite ideas out of the gate. Then you'll receive a 10-minute video Tuesday - Thursday to spark new thinking and ideas. Get your journal ready because the ideas will be flowing.

Kick Off April 11th


Monday: 45-Minute Virtual KickOff and Igniter. We'll get excited, dig in and create some wins right out of the gate @ 12pm EST Monday April 11th. 

Tuesday: 5-minute Innovation Igniter Video and Activity #1

Wednesday: 5-minute Innovation Igniter Video and Activity #2

Thursday: 5-minute Innovation Igniter Video and Activity #3

Friday:  45-Minute Prioritize, Share & Celebrate. Close out with solutions, momentum and action @ 12pm EST Friday, April 15th

Ongoing: Engage, ask questions, and connect in our private challenge online community

* All virtual sessions and 5-minute innovation igniters will be available in the online challenge site

* all activity downloads are for you to use, keep, re-use and to continue to get value from long after the challenge is over


Each Innovation Igniter Challenge focuses on one easy yet proven innovation approach. Stay focused, get innovative. 

April 11th: Disruptive Questions to get to Innovative Answers


Next Innovation Igniter Challenge Begins Monday, April 11th

Doors close April 10th. Secure your spot, get excited, ignite innovation, and move yourself and your work forward!









Ready to ignite innovation...

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Meet Your Challenge Guide & Everyday Innovator, Tamara Ghandour

The impact of Tamara’s break-through work in human-centered innovation can be seen in individuals, teams, and organizations across the globe. Companies like Disney, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Arrow Electronics, US Army, Schneider Electric and Red Robin Burgers call Tamara when they want to foster innovative ideas and people.  For thousands of individuals and teams, Tamara's human-centered innovation has become the secret sauce for igniting peak performance and moving themselves and their businesses forward.

✔️  Pioneer of the human-centered innovation field, combining neuroscience, behavioral psychology and 25 plus years experience to build an fresh approach to innovation that works

✔️ Creator of the proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment: sought after globally, it's the only tool to help people discover their unique style and strength of innovation

✔️  Author of two best selling books: Innovation Is Everybody's Business & Think Sideways

✔️  Host of top-rated podcast on innovation and human potential, Inside LaunchStreet

✔️  Advisor to leading Fortune 500 organizations on fostering innovative ideas, building innovators and solving their biggest challenges

✔️  Award winning keynote speaker to the world's largest associations, conferences and client meetings

✔️  As a kid in computer camp, Tamara won the “I’ll try anything once” award – a motto she still lives by.