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Next Challenge Begins September 1st


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Create meaningful breakthroughs  with the only completely personalized, neuroscience-based program proven to unlock your best brain and self.


✔️ Unleash Your Inner Genius: Discover proven strategies and techniques to tap into your hidden strengths and unleash your full creative potential.


✔️ Rewire Your Brain: To always think differently, solve complex problems, and generate breakthrough ideas that will set you apart.


✔️ Unlock Your Best Brain: Deep understand of who you are as an Everyday Innovator® and how to apply your unique strengths to gain the competitive edge, not letting anything hold you back


✔️ Transformation - experience a real shift from where you are now to where and who you want to be


✔️ Customized to How Your Brain Works at its Best: Personalized daily 10-minute videos and activities delivered directly to your inbox to kickstart your mind and day 


 ✔️ Results! This neuroscience-based program is the only tool and challenge that unlocks your hidden talents, strengths and ideas you need to move forward, faster. 


Innovation Quotient Edge® & Your Unique Everyday Innovator Style®

Built on a combination of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, change principles and 25 plus years of experience in innovation and business, the proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) is the only personality assessment of its kind. Based on your assessment answers and our proprietary algorithm, the IQE uncovers your hidden strengths and blind spots. While other personality tests tell you who you are, the IQE is specifically designed to uncover how you ignite innovation, influence others and make an impact, in your unique way.


"I've never experienced anything like this - and I've done a lot of programs and challenges. The fact that every exercise and tool is specifically for me and how my brain works is a game-changer. "

Bailey Watson

"The combination of a journey built specifically for me with the global community, and Tamara's guidance is the magical sweet spot for getting results. "

Paul Scott

"Now that I've experienced this I realize why other transformation challenges didn't work - they were one size fits all. This fits me!"

Niela Young

"I was feeling so stuck in a few places when I started. This challenge helped me see opportunities and create the solutions I needed to leap across that gap. Where I am today is drastically different. TY!"

Larry Granger

It's time to bridge the gap...

...between where you are and where you want to be with a challenge that actually works beyond the platitudes and inspirational quotes. Unlike other programs, the 21 Day BreakThrough Challenge achieves maximum results because each set of 10-minute exercises is specifically designed to unlock your brain, taking you on a curated journey that taps into your best self daily.

Individualized Journey

Based on your specific Innovation Quotient Edge assessment results, once we kick off, you'll receive a series of 10-minute innovation activities (one a day) that unlocks your innovative mind and breakthrough ideas.

Global Support + Live Events

Overcome your most challenging obstacles, create your biggest opportunities, and tap into the collective wisdom with the support of like-minded Everyday Innovators across the globe. Live kick off, Q&A sessions and closing celebration ensures we go further, faster - together. 

No Wasted Hours of Waiting for Results

No more wasted hours on long webinars or waiting three months to see a hint of results. We get it! Each activity, live session, and exercise is designed for massive impact, without the exhaustion.

Watch Tamara's short videos talking about why you might be stuck in a rut, the real meaning of a "breakthrough" and why knowing your brain is the first step to success. 


The Daily Roadmap
to Breakthroughs...

The Details...

Prior: You will take the Innovation Quotient Edge® assessment - the only proprietary tool that helps people discover their natural innovator talents and strengths. This ensures we completely customize your journey with the tools exercises and activities that unlock your brain and speak to your specific needs, motivators, drivers and strengths - Your unique Everyday Innovator style is the roadmap to your success.



Sept. 1st - Sept. 21st

#1 Innovation Quotient Edge® assessment - the only proprietary tool that helps people discover their natural innovator talents and strengths

You will also receive a digital workbook to successfully walk you through your journey and help you capture your ideas, insights, actions and impact.

Day One: IQE assessment + Live Kickstart Virtual Event
(June 1st)

Day Two: Live Webcast - Understanding Your Innovation Quotient Edge Results and unique Everyday Innovator style so you can leverage your greatest competitive advantage - your innovative mind

Day Three - Twenty: Every morning you'll receive your personalized email with a custom activity. You'll receive a short video and instructions to complete a 10-minute daily activity. Every day you'll innovate, act and make progress towards your goals. Please note, you will be asked to do small acts towards your goals daily, creating a compounding effect. We're not waiting until day 21 to gain momentum, we start on day one! 

Day Twenty One: Live Celebration. We'll celebrate your big and small wins, share breakthroughs and set each other up for massive success moving forward.


* Tamara will also host live Q&As every Friday during the challenge and a few POP UP sessions throughout. 

*All live events will be recorded and placed on Challenge platform for replay at any time


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Hey, I'm Tamara

The impact of Tamara’s break-through work in human-centered innovation can be seen in individuals, teams, and organizations across the globe. Companies like Disney, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Arrow Electronics, US Army, Schneider Electric and Red Robin Burgers call Tamara when they want to foster innovative ideas and people.  For thousands of individuals and teams, Tamara's human-centered innovation has become the secret sauce for igniting peak performance and moving themselves and their businesses forward.

✔️  Pioneer of the human-centered innovation field, combining neuroscience, behavioral psychology and 25 plus years experience to build an fresh approach to innovation that works

✔️ Creator of the proprietary Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) assessment: sought after globally, it's the only tool to help people discover their unique style and strength of innovation

✔️  Author of two best selling books: Innovation Is Everybody's Business & Think Sideways

✔️  Host of top-rated podcast on innovation and human potential, Inside LaunchStreet

✔️  Advisor to leading Fortune 500 organizations on fostering innovative ideas, building innovators and solving their biggest challenges

✔️  Award winning keynote speaker to the world's largest associations, conferences and client meetings

✔️  As a kid in computer camp, Tamara won the “I’ll try anything once” award – a motto she still lives by. 


Breakthrough Journey Begins June 1st


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✔️Ready to break through the obstacles holding you back and break free from the mediocre habits and outcomes holding you back

✔️Spinning your wheels in place, not getting the breakthrough results you desire or deserve

✔️You have a very specific goal, or goals, you are trying to achieve but aren't sure how to get there or past attempts haven't produced the results you need

✔️Have an inner innovator nudging you to elevate your game and unleash your best self, maybe even break free and do something different

✔️Recognize that your ability to innovate is the key to differentiating yourself in a crowded and cluttered world

...this is the challenge for you

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The Awesome Guarantee

After doing the challenge, if you aren't convinced you are getting even a nugget of insight we will refund your payment, 100%. All you have to do is email us with “Hey, this isn’t for me and here's why...” and we’ll honor your request. 

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